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Like so may of you, I've got this LP, along with the remastered CD. I used to play Love Potion #9 when I undressed for my bath..I'm not even gay. But, what I did to that album cover wasn't gay at all. () I saw this picture at my cousins house and i didn't know it was an album cover untill i watch The Big Lebowski and i saw the cover as the Dude was looking threw some albums.

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What record collection would be complete without this Herb Alpert masterpiece? It has been said that the thrift stores of any large city contain enough copies of "Whipped Cream and Other Delights" to wallpaper a house (I once found 10 copies in one small store in Cleveland, of which this one was in the best condition).

Surely I was not the only child viewer tantalized by the thought of what might happen when the winning bachelor and bachelorette flew off together to take their shared vacation-prize.) The other half of the short, a riff on "Tijuana Taxi," another hit from Alpert's 1965 album, , is pretty great too.

Produced by legendary animator John Hubley and his wife, Faith, this little two-for-the-price-of-one gem features contributions by some of the period's other greats: Gerard Baldwin, Phil Duncan, Emery Hawkins, Barrie Nelson, Rod Scribner, and Ed Smith.

Just imagine if the modern music video format was around during Chuck's prime.

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The first part of this 1966 Oscar winning animated short is so utterly charming, I'm surprised it hasn't spawned a contemporary remake.

As a radio DJ, I have some unwritten rules for myself and one of them is to never talk over a Chuck Berry intro.