Wot updating tankers

18-Jan-2017 05:17

The rating is only in testing stage, and subject to changes by the authors. The exact formulas are: r DAMAGE = avg Dmg / exp Dmg r SPOT = avg Spot / exp Spot r FRAG = avg Frag / exp Frag r DEF = avg Def / exp Def r WIN = avg Win Rate / exp Win Rate r WINc = max(0, (r WIN - 0.71) / (1- 0.71)) r DAMAGEc= max(0, (r DAMAGE-0.22) / (1-0.22)) r FRAGc = min(r DAMAGEc 0.2 , max(0, (r FRAG-0.12) / (1-0.12))) r SPOTc = min (r DAMAGEc 0.1 , max(0, (r SPOT-0.38) / (1-0.38))) r DEFc = min (r DAMAGEc 0.1 , max(0, (r DEF-0.10) / (1-0.10))) WN8 = 980*r DAMAGEc 210*r DAMAGEc*r FRAGc 155*r FRAGc*r SPOTc 75*r DEFc*r FRAGc 145*min(1.8,r WINc) The coefficients for tanks used to calculate all the exp* ratings in case of WN8 are published here: List Q.

It then applies a number of caps and weights to the resulting values to attain the final rating.

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The rating is developed by the authors as listed above. Therefore, Noob Meter can only support a limited number of ratings without needing to upgrade to a more powerful database server (which involves additional costs). Expanded compared to WN7 in both directions, but with the same average. You can post questions about the rating's implementation in Noob Meter here, but for anything related to the actual rating, please contact the authors of the rating in the official WN8 rating thread. Alternatively you could change the route to avoid the bumps and potholes.