Who is hugh hefner dating right now

03-Jun-2016 09:59

At age 86, Hugh Hefner married 26-year-old model Crystal Harris, who is still his current wife.

Other notable Hugh Hefner partners include Holly Madison, Shannon Tweed, and Bridget Marquardt.

She added that her love for Hugh, now 89, continues to grow.

“There was a lot of politics inside the mansion — very catty, very competitive, a kind of scary place to live.

HEFNER AND GLORIA STEINEM ALMOST DATED These days, the feminist activist is more likely to be criticizing the Playboy founder (in fact she called the NBC series a "net minus") but back in the day, Hefner says they had a much warmer relationship.

"Gloria and I go back a long ways," he notes wryly of the woman who went undercover as a bunny then wrote about her experience, "but it's more personal than you probably know.

Barbi Benton Back in 1968 it was only kind of creepy that 42-year-old Hugh Hefner was dating an 18-year-old.So I started to realize that and I was like, ‘You know what, I can’t live like this.'”“After I left, I’d compare and hear things from Kendra and I would realize he was the one manipulating us all the time.