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18-Sep-2016 15:17

utilities for managing and upgrading software from the local system or from a web browser or mobile device.

Since True OS® is a command-line only install and some users prefer to use command-line utilities, both PC-BSD® and True OS® provide the pkg command line utility to manage software, as well as pc-updatemanager to manage updates.

This file was last revised on: $Free BSD$ For copyright information, please see the file COPYRIGHT in this directory (additional copyright information also exists for some sources in this tree - please see the specific source directories for more information).

Please see the top of the Makefile in this directory for more information on the standard build targets and compile-time flags. Note: If you want to build and install the kernel with the bin System/user commands.

Building a kernel is a somewhat more involved process. cddl Various commands and libraries under the Common Development and Distribution License.

It provides a graphical front-end to Free BSD packages, which are pre-built applications tested for Free BSD.

It provides extra meta-data for these packages such as screenshots and lists of similar applications.If you install software using any of the tools described in this chapter, you will automatically be notified whenever a newer version of software is available.