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It covers protecting your privacy, how to take relationships offline safely and how to address online bullying and abuse.Even if you don't go online to actively get support for your mental health problem, you might find that you get more support than you realise from the social interactions and friendships you build.They differ from bulletin boards, forums, and discussion groups, in which messages are posted without interactive messaging being possible.Chat rooms may or may not require special software.The registration may require a minimal age, and require the user commit to certain standards of behavior.Chat rooms usually list the people currently online so that the entering person knows who is there and those already there know that they have been joined by another person.If you find that a particular online community or group isn't helpful for you at all, that doesn't necessarily mean that you can't find support anywhere online – you might just need to try a few different things. People who have similar experiences and talk to me with no agenda other than to help.

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Microsoft competes with AOL Time Warner's Internet unit and Yahoo in the hotly contested instant-messaging market. Some applauded the move, saying other Internet companies should follow Microsoft's lead in pulling the plug on unsupervised, anonymous chat areas.Proponents pointed to the highly publicized crackdown on online pedophilia rings as proof such measures are necessary."The rate and pace at which bad things are happening to kids because of the Internet has just stepped up in the past 12 months.