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Despite being born in Statesboro, Georgia, she was raised in Troy, Michigan, as her family moved there. Foster met her first husband Christian Borle, in college, whom she married in 2006. Despite their divorce the couple held their friendship.Between 20, Sutton was dating actor, Bobby Cannavale.It's been 10 years since the screen went black on the series finale of "The Sopranos," so to mark that anniversary, is taking a look at what the hit show's stars are up to today!" data-src="" role="presentation" src="//" / "Gossip Girl"Kristen Bell is the voice of Gossip Girl, an anonymous blogger who revels in revealing secrets about the spoiled kids of Manhattan's Upper East Side.She first won it in 2002 for ‘Thoroughly Modern Millie’ and for ‘Anything Goes’ in 2011.Sutton Foster looks like a true masterpiece when she works on the stage.But for all these promising elements, “Trust” falls flat, its bright ideas wasted on cartoon characters in contrived situations.As a Hollywood phenom who scored big on “American Pie,” Weitz undoubtedly knows from experience how it feels to make out like a bandit on your first major venture — and then wonder where to go next.

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In a perfect piece of casting (executed by helmer Peter Du Bois), Braff draws on immense reserves of charm to make us care about Harry, so dumbfounded by his tragicomic “Kafkaesque” situation that he can’t decide whether he’s happy or miserable.

The calculations that went into Second Stage’s premiere production of “Trust” would put a Las Vegas poker shark to shame.