Spanish flea dating game theme

03-May-2016 09:15

In June 2006, Moose, the animal Frasier Fans and Jack Russell Terrier lovers had come to adore died at the home of his trainer.

We will always relive the happy times through aired syndication of Frasier or DVD (video tapes for those who use them).

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I don't think "Spanish Flea" was ever the theme song of either "Newlywed Game" or "Dating Game," but I think "The Dating Game" used it as incidental music while the bachelorette made up her mind, and while the announcer described the wonderful vacation to Burbank or Inglewood that the lucky couple would get to go on.

God Bless You :) () I am looking to find the british television program that used the herp albert tune "spanish Flea" as its theme tune.

The tune is a download for mobile phones and i have tried without success to find the name of the program.

Ok, so my son's school bank are playing Spanish Flea as one of their pieces. In an episode of The Smell of Reeves and Mortimer, Vic Reeves plays the song through a prosthetic arm.

" In the 1997 film Perdita Durango, the two main characters happily groove to the song while abducting two teenagers.Members have included Herb Alpert, Bob Edmondson, Nick Ceroli, Tonni Kalash, Lou Pagani, Pat Senatore, John Pisano, Julius Wechter, Pete Jolly, Dave Frishberg, Vince Charles, Steve Schaeffer, Ernie Mc Daniel, Bob Findley, Lani Hall (vocalist), Papito Hernández, Peter Woodford, John Barnes, Derek Nakamoto, Andy Armer, Paulinho Da Costa, Daniel E.