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29-Jan-2016 02:04

SMS is also employed in mobile marketing, a type of direct marketing.

According to one market research report, as of 2014, the global SMS messaging business was estimated to be worth over 0 billion, accounting for almost 50 percent of all the revenue generated by mobile messaging.

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SMS/MMS messaging is an essential part of any mobile marketing strategy.

Once again the MMG platform enables clients to compose their own MMS content within minutes.

Alert services can also be used by Enterprises as a free to user service to enhance services to customers or staff or improve their business efficiency.

Alert services can be used as a management tool for internal staff communications or investor relations; for business continuity and disaster recovery applications; or for system monitoring and alerts.

In 2010, over 6 trillion SMS texts were sent, which was equivalent to around 193,000 SMS messages every second.Adding text messaging functionality to mobile devices began in the early 1980s.