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27-Jun-2016 14:59

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Many girls do not have access to computers and regular internet connections. The girls end up they wouldn’t have otherwise found. On one such occasion, a Canadian arrived and we all went out to a nearby island. It was a pleasant day at the beach, and then we all headed back. Many Filipino families would be thrilled to pawn off their 15 year old daughter to speed up her becoming the goose that lays golden eggs.They often will have some older woman pretend to be them in contacting foreigners on their behalf. They appreciate the situation, and don’t mind losing half the money their man sends. They keep this a secret of course, because their man might not approve. On the boat ride out to the island, the girl and her foreigner were cuddling. A few weeks later I heard of an issue they were having. I’m aware of many instances of underage girls looking for guys.The main reason being because you don’t need ‘game’ with Filipina girls, or girls in any Asian country I have been to.Whatever ‘moves’, ‘game’ or PUA tricks you have used to get girls in the western world aren’t needed here.‘ and then I realized I don’t know really anything about white women. However, before I moved to Asia I had met a few Filipina women through friends or in the workplace and suspected I might have a better experience with them then I had with western women.

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I have spent a day in a city like Manila that didn’t give me the opportunity to pick up one (and usually several) women.Unlike Thailand and a few other “developing countries” money isn’t such an important factor in the Philippines.Whether this is for cultural reasons or simply because most Filipinas can speak English I couldn’t tell you. Even though the Philippines is a relatively poor country you can find free casual sex as easy as you can in rich countries with liberal sexual attitudes like Japan and Hong Kong.All you have to do is answer a couple of simple questions and you’re ready to go.

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I’ve married a Filipina girl and now have two children, with a third on the way.

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