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22-Apr-2016 05:26

In all stages of romance, body language does a lot of the talking.Positive facial expressions like smiling and laughing do double duty – they signal that someone is feeling close to another person and they also make that other person feel closer in return.Body language suggesting openness or expansiveness can affect success, according to a study newly out of UC Berkeley.(Jonathan Brady / Associated Press) When it comes to impressing potential dates, a little change in posture might make the difference between a swipe right and a swipe left.At the event, students pursuing a Ph D or MD/Ph D have an opportunity to meet faculty members and learn about their research before signing up for laboratory rotations.

When the first of my 14 dates sat down across from me, my stomach turned a bit. Lisa Phillips, co-director of Positive Feedback, sees connections in the processes artists and scientists go through as well.

After all, we came from such different backgrounds! On Thursday night, Positive Feedback, an initiative of the Earth Institute, the Center for Creative Research at NYU, and the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities, brought together artists and climate scientists (or climate science writer in my case) for a round of speed dating. To help practitioners of the two disciplines find common ground and develop new (professional) relationships. From Galileo’s drawings of the heavens to Darwin’s sketches of finches to the recent rise of infographics, art has long helped convey complex scientific theories and data.

“Both disciplines are essentially researching something in this world that strikes them—a phenomena, a challenge, a condition—and then formulating a response,” she said.

After five minutes was up, it was time to switch seats to date another participant. During the dates, participants shared with one another work they had done on cell phones and tablets, and exchanged information, making plans to talk in the future.

Daters everywhere were rapt in conversation, and you could see an occasional wild hand gesturing in excitement.

Do you often find yourself having lots of questions at the end of a conference presentation but are too shy to make them publicly? After so many presentations, oral exams and faculty events, it’s time to put your social skills to work at the Science Speed Dating!