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For the Men’s Health magazine, Ryan gave a few tips on how he concentrates on staying fit and healthy all the time, which you can read more here.

Musters in Australia, usually involve cattle, sheep or horses, but may also include goats, camels, buffalo or other animals.

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I know many of my readers are from America, but I can only work with what I'm given.

Sure, we all have out blind spots - that Trespass article mentions me sadly missing Thomas Mc Carthy's Win Win and Mike Mills' Beginners, but I have since rectified that oversight - but a list a mile long of unseen titles makes the task of making a "best of" list rather pointless, doesn't it?

He was an occasional columnist for The Huffington Post, until November 2009. Jack Ross (followed a few months later in the lead role of Lt.

Daniel Kaffee), in the Aaron Sorkin written play A Few Good Men.

Mustering may be conducted for a variety of reasons including routine livestock health checks and treatments, branding, shearing, lamb marking, sale, feeding and transport or droving to another location.