Ruby linwallace huodating rumor

13-Aug-2016 14:48

ruby linwallace huodating rumor-13

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[ 14879] Journalist you come out and explain to everyone what does marrying beneath her mean? [ 13874] Woman who's in love is the prettiest, it's even better if she's pregnant! [ 13322] I want to ask, if a girl who carries such a small bag don't put it there, then does she hold it above her head?

If it's held above her head she'll probably be accused of showing of her wealth and bag, sigh, this is hard 5. [ 2949] Today is not a good time to scroll through Weibo 3.

Ruby and Wallace didn’t specify when they officially got together, but their good feelings for each other never went away after their Sound of Colors collaboration.

It’s been said that they did not want to purse each other because they cherished their friendship.

Hearing that, Ruby Lin just busted laughing, without denying the rumor. On Chinese Valentine’s day, May 20th, they announced the dating news to the public.

Throughout the event, Ruby Lin looked happy the whole time. she is getting married to WALLACE HUO ❤ Lucky girl! On July 5th, the two announced they will hold wedding ceremony in two months in Bali, Indonesia.

Apple Daily Taiwan menangkap penampilan Wallace dan Ruby di sebuah ruang KTV setelah tengah malam pada 14 Juli 2016.

[ 1199] This year Liu Shishi got married, Yuan Hong got married, Wallace Huo got married......

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