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He is a mild-mannered looking man with silver hair and glasses. The record states that Alo’s “biological sisters aged 61 and 69 years have taken the unusual step of filing affidavits against the defendant.If you passed him on the street in Apia, you would probably nod your head in respectful greeting. These state that the defendant had an incestuous relationship with one of his three biological daughters. this defendant and other like offenders will one day walk out the prison gates. We don’t know when Alo eventually made his way back to Samoa.As free, unmonitored, unsupervised but not necessarily rehabilitated men." Alo will be 71 this year. You will read all these things on the California Sex Offender Archive Record. But he surfaces again on public records in the Supreme Court of Samoa in September 2013, when he faces two counts of indecent assault on a little girl.

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If the intestate leaves more than one spouse and children who are Section 105 of the Succession Act defines a domestic partnership as a relationship between the intestate and another person that is a registered relationship or interstate registered relationship within the meaning of the ) and "a person in a de facto relationship" which is further defined as having a relationship as a couple living together who are not married to one another or related by family.If the deceased is an Indigenous person, the statutory order is subject to exclusion or modification by a distribution order under Part 4.4 of the Act (see Indigenous persons' estates).