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is an intriguing, thought-provoking indie about how one's choices dramatically impact other people.

Multiple story lines intersect around news of the theft of the Shroud of Turin, the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, which undercover agent Christian Slater is in hot pursuit of.

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/ Because Mia is shutting Chase out and he feels so far away from her, his home. But the owner of those lipstick stains isn't his, and never will be. (Part of my Subject Mia series)Summary: For Adam, Bree, Chase, Mia, Addy & Marcus, Christmas is a foreign concept to them. Davenport & Tasha throw a huge Christmas party for them, and the six Lab Rats realize how important Christmas is, & how it's a lot sweeter when you're sharing it with the people you love. (Part of my Subject Mia series)Summary: Mia, Addison, and Bree Comenzo are sisters, but they're also best friends. (HIATUS)The Lab Rats are torn away from each other. Based off the song Until It Hurts by Fransisca Hall."Mia," Chase says quietly. "It's like drowning, but everyone around you is breathing.""Even though Adam, Bree and Chase hate me, I don't hate them. They are still my family, and nothing can change that." / "Those bonds between family, no matter how strong or how weak, cannot be broken." / Marcus realizes the full consequences of his actions before the roof collapses on top of him. But I will always love you." / Or, how Adam & Bree's relationship stays strong & how they'll always be there for each other. *Contains heavy depression.* (Her is Bree's POV, Him is Chase's POV.) Both is both Bree and Chase.

/ Or, how Chase desperately wants Mia to be his and only his, but she's with someone else, and it's killing him that those perfect lipstick stains aren't his to keep forever, no matter how much he wants her to be, because he's not hers and she's not his. / Chia, Bradam, Maddy, Maria, Chadam, Brase, Adia, Miee, Addisam, Addiee, Addisia, & Addiase. If one of them got hurt in any way, weather it's physically, mentally, or emotionally, the other two would be there for each other to help pick them up. (Part of my Subject Mia series)Summary: Because good girls don't kiss and tell. Desperate to get back home, they have to fight dangerous enemies in order to protect themselves and each other. I look over at the sound of my name to see a tearful Bree and a tearful Adam looking at me as they enter my room and sit next to me. " I frown at the sudden question, and I have to think for moment.

Christopher Walken, a now-homeless former news anchor, reveals that the shroud's theft is an attempt to clone Jesus by gathering DNA from the shroud.

Bradford plays Dom, a man targeted by gang members for testifying in court.

- was arrested yesterday after she tied herself to the White House fence and had her mother, Saskia Kilcher, pour a black substance all over her in protest of a Presidential visit to Peru! Related: Tennessee Teacher Accused Of Kidnapping His Student Has Been Indicted To that end, Logue has now enlisted the help of a friend for another type of request.