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13-Jun-2016 21:22

Nurse managers are highly concerned with recruiting, hiring, training, and disciplining nurses to keep patient care effective.

Improving retention is also prioritized since 33 percent of RNs leave their first nursing job in two years.

A key finding was that nurses need to be able to take on more responsible positions.

Additionally, the report had concluded that there should be twice as many doctorate graduate nurses by 2020.

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Added benefits like bonuses, social security, healthcare, 401K, and vacation bring the total average yearly compensation to 0,165 for nurse managers.

Nurse managers are the backbone that keeps the American health care system upright and delivering safe, quality treatment to patients across the lifespan.

Also called head nurses or nurse supervisors, nurse managers are mid-level leaders who aid patients by overseeing the clinical workers who treat them.

However, the demand for people with this type of education is very high.

There is an extreme shortage of nurses across the board in almost every state in our country.The recommendation for the physiotherapy profession is to address the immediate need for research into the relationship between continuing education and clinical competence.