Problems updating microsoft office online Qatarxxx

08-Feb-2017 05:11

This post relates to an earlier thread of mine to fix a problem with Microsoft Update (MSU) during which I had to re-install MSU under Windows 7, 64bit, SP1.

I installed this Microsoft update to fix the problem.

You’ll also be able to access your Dropbox directly from Office Online, so you can open any of your Dropbox files — and save new files to Dropbox — without leaving Office Online.

This integration is the latest in our partnership with Microsoft; it joins the other Microsoft integrations we’ve already released for i OS and Android, as well as the Dropbox apps for Windows Phones and tablets.

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End Note Web has many of the same features as the full version but it is simpler to use and is accessible via the web.

The problem may have started after upgrading Outlook, installing add-ins, or other possible changes on your system.

To learn more about Office Online, check out the Microsoft blog.

End Note stands in between the places you find citations and your Word document.

However, in the process of fixing the problem I had also unchecked the setting "install updates for other Microsoft products" in the MSU setting, as is shown below in highlighted yellow [unfortunately in German, but the idea should be clear].

This screenshot is from the Office online help where it explains that the checkbox should be checked to find Office updates.We’re willing to bet that your Dropbox is home to quite a few Microsoft Office files — and starting today, working with those files is even easier.