Popes dating back to peter carbon dating mistakes

29-Jul-2016 15:44

The opening of this next Jubilee will take place on the fiftieth anniversary of the closing of the Second Vatican Council in 1965.This is of great significance, for it impels the Church to continue the work begun at Vatican II.It’s also an opportunity to display to the world what has become a tourist attraction under the Vatican: the body of John XXIII, perfectly preserved since his death in 1963, entombed in a glass coffin.

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At the start of the new year, the Holy Father had stated: “This is the time of mercy.It is important that the lay faithful live it and bring it into different social environments. ” The Jubilee announcement had been made on the second anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, during his homily for the penitential liturgy with which the Holy Father opened the “24 Hours for the Lord”.