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18-Dec-2016 08:53

John Randall, chief executive of the agency, said yesterday that the centuries-old Oxbridge MA was misleading and anachronistic.

He said: "The same title must represent the same level of achievement, no matter which university of college awards it.

Qualification titles must mean what they say." Mr Randall said he hoped the Oxford and Cambridge authorities would reform their MA awards, but acknowledged that the inspectorate had no power to force a change.

Is there anything more indestructible than the British ruling classes?

Applicants must choose a specific college when applying to Oxford or Cambridge, or allow the university to select one for them, as every undergraduate and graduate student must be a member of one of the colleges.

However, all colleges are part of the university and students studying the same subject attend the same lectures and exams, irrespective of to which college they belong.

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