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04-Mar-2016 12:56

For example, when you first started using Netflix, remember how it would show you things like “My Little Pony” episodes next to documentaries on the Russian prison system?

In the long run, it would be a boon because (let’s face it) we all try to be pleasing to an audience when we say who we like and what we are looking for, but sometimes some things can’t be defined in the rational mind and humans are just going to act on instinct more often than not.

The hearts of many former bland/cheating/douchebag boyfriends/fiancés will be broken. Two have come to rekindle their sex life, while another couple grapples with how a prestigious grad program will force them hundreds of miles apart.

For the third, the revelation that one of them doesn’t know how to ride a bike spurs a begrudging effort to grow together.

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Initially, the program is going to have no idea who you’re into based on your behavior because it has no history of things to analyze.

was nominated for eight Academy Awards and stars Bradley Cooper (Best Actor), Jennifer Lawrence (Best Actress), Robert De Niro (Best Supporting Actor), and Jacki Weaver (Best Supporting Actress).

The accolades the movie received are well deserved.

These rom-coms will make you laugh, might make you tear up, and will certainly have you rooting for love to win the day in its epic, underdog struggle with loneliness and disconnection. Sullivan Year: 2015 When six friends reunite for a weekend at the beach, a relaxing getaway turns into an uninvited opportunity to deal with their emotional baggage.

From the original mid-20th-century heyday with stars like Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy to last year’s coming-of-age rom-com Sing Street, there’s something here for every taste. Budding relationships will be in jeopardy due to unfortunate miscommunication. Pick a movie, make some popcorn, pour a cheap glass of wine and grab the Kleenexes. That’s Not Us follows three couples—one lesbian, one gay and one straight—during a presumably carefree weekend full of memories, intimate moments and exploration.of binge-worthy movies and shows to its service beginning on January 1.