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30-Oct-2016 23:13

I needed to know if we’d been living a lie all this time. I needed hard data, and digital algorithms were the only definitive way to find out.Sure, we may have been together for 20 years, and sure, we were in love, and sure, we still had fun together, but that didn’t mean anything. So my husband and I joined several dating sites to see if what was in our hearts was borne out by the metrics.I also reassured him that he didn’t have to communicate with anyone or do anything other than set up a profile. Honestly, I just wanted to see if these sites lived up to their promises.But I’m pretty sure he thought I was looking to replace him. Did computers really know better than humans what was best for us? But there are some men in the online world who choose to use online dating as a mask for their true marital status.It is very easy for one to be dishonest in who they truly are online.But he’s not the first married man to join a dating site and not the last.

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And it doesn’t help when some dating sites out there, like Udate, do not differentiate between divorced and separated, making it even more convenient for a man to lie about his marital status.

While these are not sure-fire ways of deciphering if he is married, here are 11 tips that may assist you in your detection of the married man: Tip #1: He chooses not to post a picture of himself online, or he posts a picture that may be very dark and difficult to pick him out of a crowd.

Most married men do not want their picture out there for everyone to see.

Here are some ways you can help protect your heart.

Married men hate to post pics of themselves online, so they either post no pictures or use pictures that don’t show their faces – think pictures with their back to the camera, pictures with just their body showing, pictures where his face looks very poorly lit/silhouetted.They don’t want to risk that slim chance that some one they know could possibly recognize them.

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