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24-Jan-2016 02:50

It is open to people of any gender or sexual orientation.

There is no entry point that enables us mortals to get to that data, although you can see on your usercard in how many rooms you ever talked: To know which rooms that are we can only scrape the server.

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// ==User Script== // @name chat entries search // @namespace // @version 0.1 // @description search all rooms for your messages // @author rene // @match // @grant none // ==/User Script== /* jshint -W097 */ 'use strict'; var backlog = [], // holds all functions to be executed interval, // interval handle user = parse Int(/.*\.com\/users\/(\d )\/.*/.exec(document.location)[1], 10); // which user // parse the events array for the current user_id function handle Events(events) // handle a room, optionally for messages before a certain id function handle Room(room, room Name, before) // handle all rooms on page function handle Rooms(page) // start working backlog.push(function () ); // takes a fuinction from the backlog // every 4 seconds interval = set Interval(function() , 4000); If you let this run a while it will add links to your currently in rooms list: By the looks of it I talk Trash as well.

You could get throttled if you are very active chatting as well while the script is running.

When it comes to the bygone times of the Philippines, there’s so much to know you’d almost need a masters in Filipino history.

Take a break from wandering the sites at Illustrado restaurant on General Luna Street and enjoy a Spanish hot chocolate with a buttery ensaymada (savoury brioche).

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I imagined your skyline to be stunning and your streets to be invigorating.I imagined your smell like a local market with fresh fruits, grilled chicken and aromatic joss sticks.

Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve been “on the market”.… continue reading »

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