Mandating overtime and patient safety

12-Aug-2016 05:51

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In the 16 states regulating overtime as of 2010, newly registered nurses were 59% less likely to work mandatory overtime than those in unregulated states and worked an average of 50 fewer minutes per week, according to the RN Work Project study.

The study also found that limiting mandatory overtime enhanced nurse retention, enticing nurses to remain in their jobs and in the profession longer.

Patient safety is an essential and vital component of quality nursing care. Available: Menu Categories/ANAMarketplace/ANAPeriodicals/OJIN/Tableof Contents/Volume82003/No3Sept2003/Patient Key words: patient safety, health care errors, competency, patient outcomes, stakeholders, nursing shortage, ethics, lifelong learning, nursing standards, licensure, safety legislation, magnet hospitals Patient Safety: A S2hared Responsibility Patient safety is an essential and vital component of quality care.

However, the nation’s health care system is prone to errors, and can be detrimental to safe patient care, as a result of basic systems flaws. Yet health care providers face many challenges in today’s health care environment in trying to keep patients safe.

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means "an unpredictable occurrence relating to health care delivery that requires immediate action, and which shall include a major power outage, a public health emergency, an irregular increase in patient census, or an irregular increase in the number of employees not reporting for predetermined scheduled work shifts." Further, in order to take advantage of the unforeseeable emergent circumstances exception, the hospital must show: "(1) the overtime is required only as a last resort and is not used to fill vacancies resulting from chronic short staffing; and (2) [the hospital] has exhausted reasonable efforts to obtain staffing." Penalties Employers who violate the law face a fine of up to 0, which shall be enforced by the Department of Labor and Training.CONTACT ME TODAY to talk about my powerful keynotes, workshops and programs.I look forward to helping your organization achieve its goals.On October 30, 2007, the Rhode Island General Assembly overrode the Governor's veto and enacted a law prohibiting mandatory overtime for nurses and nurse assistants in Rhode Island hospitals. The law covers nurses and certified nurse assistants in any private, public or state hospital in Rhode Island.

The law prohibits requiring nurses to work longer than their agreed-upon shifts of either eight, ten or twelve hours and at no time longer than twelve consecutive hours. The law only applies to individuals paid on an hourly basis and does not include those paid an annual salary or those who are working a pre-scheduled on-call shift in a hospital's surgical department.

Written by Le Ann Thieman, CSP, June 21st, 2012 “Too much to do, too little time” is a phrase that most nurses know well.

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