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Mohem was founded on the belief that the best way to create a healthy and happy lifestyle is to promote total health and fitness.

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However, an extension to Riverhead never materialized.

This Sunday, Sir David Attenborough, naturalist, maker of wildlife documentaries, snuggler of gorillas, wielder of That Voice, keeper of the blue shirt, and Most Trusted Man in Britain, turns 90.

To mark the occasion, and celebrate his unbeatable oeuvre, I re-watched all 79 episodes of his Life Collection, and ranked them from worst to best—or, really, from least great to greatest. Although many bill them as “Attenborough shows,” he only narrated them (and was over-dubbed by movie stars in the U. No, this list focuses on the big series that he himself wrote and presented, the ones that are most marbled with his influence, the ones that feature his beaming face along with his velvet voice.

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As an archipelago, Long Island boasts a sandy coastline that is home to many vacationers and residents alike.The first half contrasts Captain Scott’s ill-fated exploration with modern Antarctic research, while the second is essentially cameraperson shenanigans.