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20-Apr-2016 10:40

We see the fun, love, and laughter present in their everyday lives through posts on Snapchat and Instagram – Chrissy mercilessly roasting John, their re-enactment of scenes from famous movies, their date nights – but they've also been incredibly candid about the difficulties they've endured.

They shared their struggle to conceive a baby, which led to a physically and emotionally taxing experience of IVF, and most recently Chrissy opened up about having postpartum depression.

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So I felt there was no pressure — I didn’t go in thinking, ‘He knows I’m a model; he’ll have preconceptions about me’. And we were both in an equally vulnerable position — on a traditional date, the one who does the asking feels most self-conscious. This way, it’s equal.” What did she like about Fergal? That was one of the first things I said in my Intro interview — that I want to meet somebody funny. He was confident, and so open to the idea of what he was doing. We like the same music, we go to the same places on holiday, and I’d say my friends would love him. He’s a lovely guy, really good-looking; the two of us got along, so I don’t see why not.” Post-date, Fergal’s surprise is almost palpable. “Honest to God, I never thought I’d say this — but holy shit, did they get this right! She is the whole package — a beautiful person, a wonderful person to be around, a very kind person, very good-natured.