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04-Jul-2016 01:16

See, Kristen hasn’t ‘officially’ dated anyone since breaking up with Robert Pattinson, which has immediately led to people screaming ‘Lesbian! Kristen is often spotted having lunch with her friend and assistant Alicia Cargile, who the tabloids have also turned into her rumored love interest because that sells stories.But then, there are also the whispers of Kristen Stewart dating Nicholas Hoult, and that rumor has much more evidence to support it.I work closely with my clients to help them attract and cultivate deep, meaningful relationships that surpass their wildest dreams.There are so many conspiracy theories surrounding Kristen Stewart’s love life right now, or lack thereof.But before we get started I’d like to introduce myself.I’m Christine Dunn, Lesbian Love Guru and Transformational Love Guide.We’ll also provide tips and coaching for hooking up online, winning that first date, and what to do for consecutive dates.The life of a single mom is grueling, but we don’t have to tell you that.

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Whether or not you’ve been single for a while, you’ve decided it’s finally time to get out there and take a dip in the dating... As society becomes more open to the concept of bisexuality, there is an increase in users identifying themselves as bisexual women in dating sites.