Les art intimidating life

24-Jan-2017 20:12

At the latter’s death in 1911, Moïse became director. In October 1891 he married Irène Cahen d’Anvers, daughter of the banker Louis Cahen d’Anvers and of Louise de Morpurgo, who held a famous literary and political salon.

Moïse and Irène had two children: Nissim in 1892, and Béatrice two years later.

Moïse de Camondo, the only son of Nissim de Camondo and Élise Fernandez, was born in Istanbul in 1860.

Wood is available at a nominal cost and some tools will be supplied, however, if you have your own tools, please bring them.

Some supplies you will need to bring are; a carving knife, wood chisels, rasps and sand paper.