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“We love ‘Hindsight’ and couldn’t be more proud of the series,” the network said in a statement. Last week I stumped to save the VH1 series Hindsight, giving a few reasons why you should be watching, and hoping it would be renewed.And so it has come to past: Vulture has revealed that VH1 will be bringing the 90s back for another Hallelujah!Regarding her education background, she completed her high school graduation from the ‘Laconia High School’ in the year 2001.She was determined to make her career in acting field from her early childhood days.A hot and renowned actress of the American television and movie world, “Laura Ramsey” is best recognized in the entertainment glare for her remarkable performance in the movie ‘She’s the Man’.In addition to this, she is also known for her brilliant performance in the movies ‘The Ruins’ and ‘Middle Men’.

A 22-year old woman named Carly Roberts is first seen on April 5, 1996, receiving money from a P.

Meg marries Lee Baldwin (Ross Elliott, later Peter Hansen), who adopts her son Scotty and becomes his only family when Meg dies. Peter Taylor (Paul Carr, later Craig Huebing) and Dr. In one fast-paced plot in 1971, Audrey is accused of murdering her son's babysitter and General Hospital was briefly elevated to the number one position, beating longtime ratings giant As the World Turns.