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18-Jun-2016 03:30

STERLING, CO—Saying the condiment was really putting the rest of the team on its back, area man Kevin Bentley confirmed Thursday that the chipotle mayo was doing all the heavy lifting in his sandwich.

WAVERLY, NE—Listening as the haggard messenger spoke of ominous clouds upon the horizon, local fourth-grade teacher Myra Helms received a dark portent of a gathering storm from pale and bedraggled third-grade teacher Beverly Milfay, sources confirmed Thursday.

They had become really good friends and could joke and have a laugh with each other.

Anna was intrigued with Justin’s good mood and asked him all about his weekend.

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Besides the face, which is the first thing you notice on a newly met person? Apart from the face or facial expression, the voice is the most important signal whether the person is friend or foe, bland or tough, hot or disgusting.

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The main difference between male and female voices is pitch: men, on average, speak with an octave lower than women.In fact, men don't find high voices sexy; a deep and sultry voice like that of Marylin Monroe is what turns them on.

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