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30-May-2016 08:54

I can do it using extra select like that: I'm afraid you don't understand me. In sentence ' Pro developer' I want know how solve this in software industry( I'm student without experience) where my simple function with extra select is not enough good.I'm sorry if I hurt [email protected] Thivent but if you make name as PK, you may later need to have it as FK of another table then you would have many names in new table which gets large amount of the DB in compare to using an ID as PK to notice that u1 and u2 are the same Bill and only store it once?Thx for your rely , I see why my program always trying insert.How can I do that without making name the primary key because I have id which is faster and easier.About my My Persistent Type: All I can think of is that some caching has gone awry, except I do not even use any cache.

I have 2 classes User and Tenancy Details with parent-child relationship.

Generic Generator; import org.hibernate.annotations. Parameter; @Entity @Table(name = "ADDRESS") @Access(value=Access Type. Transaction; import com.journaldev.hibernate.model.

Hibernate Util; public class Hibernate Save Example Hibernate: insert into EMPLOYEE (emp_name, emp_salary) values (?

POST) public Model And View save Profile Details(@Path Variable int user Id, Model model, Http Servlet Request request, Http Servlet Response response, Http Session session, Model Map model Map, @Model Attribute("user") User user) I have also set the id fields of both classes as AUTO_INCREMENT fields in mysql. Just before the saveorupdate() statement, the value of the existing user Id is printed out correctly!

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Is there a problem with the one to many mapping or the @Generated Value I have used? Can someone please let me know where I am going wrong?

In the above, I am certain flush Mode is AUTO, my log statement prints, and the logs show that JDBC connection have been committed, with the new attribute I have set to my object.