Harry styles dating nick grimshaw dating in usa mpumalanga

27-Nov-2016 18:12

He said on Friday's Breakfast Show: 'She has this dressing room and I did want to go and say hi to her.'It's chaotic and she really needed a wee but she didn't want anyone to see her hair or anyone to see her outfit, she wanted to reveal it all on stage.'So Rita decided the best thing to do is to take a wee in her bin in the dressing room and it's like a plastic bin and her hair was down to her waist.'Two people had to hold her hair up, the hair didn't get damp, they held it above her head very highly by two people, so that's four arms full of hair.

Rita Ora was spotted at the amf AR Gala in our dream dress recently.

Another added: 'How does Harry Styles look so f***ing hot while wearing a legit tablecloth. Meanwhile, one fan wrote: 'I'm sorry, but my curtain is the only thing I could think of when I saw Harry in that suit'.

The singer, 26, who performed on Sunday, had to have her stylists hold up her heavy hair extensions while she relieved herself in the buff, according to DJ Nick Grimshaw.The singer shone in her sparkling Chanel mini dress, making us all envious of her killer sense of style.

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