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Others, though, spend so much time on cyber sex that their lives and relationships suffer.

Cyber sex addiction has the same characteristics as any other addiction. A person with addiction to cyber sex feels cravings for an online "fix" much like an alcoholic craves a drink.

These can be helpful additions to in-person support groups and can be especially helpful if there are no groups in your area.

FEATURED TALKS: Download & Listen to these great recordings for couples and spouses that can give you a whole new perspective on what you are dealing with.

Miriam’s Hotline: a story written by a woman who was helped by Esther).

If you’re old enough to remember the internet in the late ’90s, you’ll also remember the glory days of chat rooms and instant messaging—not only with friends, but also strangers scattered across the globe.

b) Miriam, wife of an addict, life-coach and CODA mentor, is fluent in Hebrew and English and can support couples and individuals during and after the initial shock of discovering addiction or infidelity.

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