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Your browser will take you to a Web page (URL) associated with that DOI name. There are three main forms of compensation that most corporations pay to their employees.The primary type of compensation, of course, is cash, which comes in the form of hourly wages, contract income, salaries, bonuses, matching retirement plan contributions, and lifetime payouts from defined benefit plans.The second method of compensation comes in the form of benefits, such as insurance (life, health, dental, and disability), paid vacations and sick days, tuition and child care assistance, and other miscellaneous perks, such as company cars and expense accounts.Coinciding with this increase in options granting is a raging bull market in equities, specifically in technology-related stocks, which benefits from innovations and heightened investor demand.The process of granting an option that is dated prior to the date that the company granted that option.In this way, the exercise price of the granted option can be set at a lower price than that of the company's stock at the granting date.This process makes the granted option in-the-money and of value to the holder.

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Companies would simply wait for a period in which the company's stock price fell to a low and then moved higher within a two-month period.

A stock option gives an employee the right to buy a certain number of shares in the company at a fixed price for a certain number of years.