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Jacob: I went through a rough patch and got beat up a lot, so I think humility is the strongest lesson that I learned. Even stepping out of the limelight for a little bit allowed me to fall in love [with music] in a whole different way again. Erik-Michael: We've all changed immensely, and before I was a little more headstrong.Whereas Trevor has gained more confidence performing, I've probably lost some confidence performing because I haven't done it in so long. When you're young, you just kind of go at it with reckless abandon, but now all of the sudden there's all this reality, so it increases the nerves unfortunately.

So let's move forward, and see what we can do." And then we did "Skydive" and jumped into a whole new album and now we're on the road again touring.Their manager Lou Pearlman, who had tied them to their contract, later became involved in a Ponzi scheme, and is now serving 30 years in jail., a collaboration between the network, MTV, and the infamous Lou Pearlman (who created ' N Sync and the Backstreet Boys). Contract disputes, canceled concert tours (because of 9/11), and a dishonest manager left the guys with no choice but to disband. Jacob Underwood: It's funny hearing those old records. The maturity and tone of our voices has changed so much. [] Jacob: My pants got a lot tighter, and my hair is a lot shorter now! Jacob: And you'll never catch me in a shiny Sean John suit again that was 10 times too big! He has other opportunities he wants to work on, individually.“Behind the scenes shooting w/ the talented @Adam Bouska,” the 32-year-old former O-Town singer captioned along with the pics.

“Just hanging around on my shoot w/ @adambouska – can someone please bring me a @carlsjr burger?Erik went on to act before working in film and video production, while Trevor continued to sing and perform in Nashville.