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It involved a walking tour that encompassed London’s historic punk and rock’n’roll venues, listening to John Peel’s show on the radio (what a thrill!), a bus tour of England’s mystical sights (Stonehenge, Glastonbury, King Arthuer’s grave, Avebury), and a walk-through of the London Astoria.Adam is talking about how soaked he got while doing his hot yoga session, he talks about the shirt fighting him while he tried to pull it off, he couldn’t defeat his sweat soaked shirt.It seems like just yesterday I was standing outside 924 Gilman Street with AFI/Blaqk Audio’s Davey Havok as he swooned over a blue-haired girl who had smiled at him, grabbing my arm to contain his excitement. I suppose it’s hard to believe nowadays that he’d be nervous in the presence of beautiful women but, as he wrote here and here, they liked to give him grief and his apprehension was understandable.Adam says that Natalia walked into their bedroom to vomit, she wanted to talk to mommy and walked past her own bathroom and then ended up vomiting in front of them.BB has a nice use of the “Number Two” drop from Dawson, Adam went out and took a hot yoga class, pm on Friday night and he says there was nothing else one would rather not do while feeling sick.Gary has the listener poll and reveals he’s shocked that 37% stand while wiping and Adam is asking about women getting used to wiping while standing due to hovering, peeing outside and other specific circumstances.Adam shares he started getting sick over the weekend and he says that he doesn’t count an illness unless someone misses work or calls in ill, to avoid doing something.

I had arrived in London with my new travel buddy Domo-Kun to conduct research for the novel I was working on at the time.

When asked what he would name his hip hop alter ego, Havok demurred and opted to reveal his name if he ever creates a drag queen persona: Andi Cane, specifically with an "I." The punk frontman also admitted his most irritating habit to others: "I have an oral fixation.