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19-Jan-2016 09:37

Good God; are people still living their lives on astrological signs? The day my parents slept together to conceive me, has nothing to do with if I'm a good lover, a good guy, independent, and now divorced? I am left-handed, under 6'2, born before midnight and a cancer to boot. My closest friends are Taurus and a Taurus broke my heart and did the Mexican hat dance on it. Combined they have 9 divorces between them and not one of them has made any apologies about jumping to someone else right away or once things get a little rough. One that is still convinced there is noone more important then him.

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A great diversity of online dating services currently exists.comes back, something soothing about Taureans the fell like they can Ground with- a constant, when their own lives and heads are soo out of control.