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She attended the ceremony in a sweeping white gown and wore her hair off her face Moving on up: As her acting career continued, Jodi's style became increasingly sophisticated.

Above she is seen in 2009 some months before being involved in a bizarre raid at the home of Mark James Judge The pair had been together for two years when, in June 2009, she was found cowering in an apartment with Mark James Judge after reportedly calling the police with claims the property was being encircled by a gunman.

But he's changed his name to Joseph Spendlove and is approach is different, embracing holistic techniques and knowledge gleaned from a life that's been far from mundane.

He was only 21 when fame found him, sparked by articles in the local press.

Scrutiny: After announcing her split from Braith in December, Jodi's seemingly shrinking figure has sparked concern.

It seemed so incongruous, a 27-stone flabby fitness instructor. I just love food – especially Birds' cream cakes."At my heaviest in 2001 I was 31 stone.

IT is 15 years ago that a quirky fitness instructor burst onto our television screens with an unconventional approach that made people smile.

Jody Bunting – as he was called then – was fat but fit and a breath of fresh air, a man who wouldn't look down on you because your stomach was wobbling in the aerobics class. Fifteen years on from his fame on Channel 4's Big Breakfast and he's still helping people to lose weight and transform their lives.

Beryl and her husband Timothy Evans were unfortunate enough to rent the upstairs flat from Christie at 10 Rillington Place – and Timothy was wrongly convicted and hanged for murdering Beryl and their two-year-old daughter, Geraldine.

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Christie appeared as a witness for the prosecution at Evans’ trial, but later admitted to the killings and was himself hanged in 1953.But his fun personality and unconventional approach made people smile."An article about my fitness classes went into the Derby Telegraph and Burton Mail and it all started from there," he recalls."I ended up with my own fitness slot on The Big Breakfast on Channel 4 and did lots of radio and TV work."A host of opportunities were sparked by being on TV and one in particular had a deep impact – his three-year stint in Egypt."I found God and Christianity in a Muslim country," Jody said with an ironic smile, "and I visited the villages of my Egyptian friends and met people who were happy, healthy and not overweight."That's because they ate food they had grown, kept chickens for eggs – there were chickens on the roofs – had cows for milk and were physically active working the land.""You can diet and go to weight loss classes but most people end up putting weight back on. The least I have weighed is 12 stone, which was under weight, and now I am 19 stone.

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