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Coronet dominated the educational film market, in part, because it had its own Hollywoodesque production studio, located in Glenview, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, which can only be described as prolific in its output, cranking out approximately one film every four days, a pace unmatched by its competitors (which included even larger companies, like Centron Corporation for Young America Films, and occasionally by better-known companies such as Ford Motor Company, Ford Motor Company, Encyclopædia Britannica and Crawley Films (for the Mc Graw-Hill Book Company).

These educational films were aimed at constructing and influencing various social norms or attitudes among teens in the post-WWII era, a time when youthful Americans of a certain age had never known prosperity and peace in their lives, having grown up in the shadows of both the end of the Depression and World War II.

In this film, the boy is the sole initiator of any contact with the girl, and all arrangements are made under the warm supervision of the family, particularly a mother who is a matriarchal housewife.

This film, as many of the other educational shorts of the post World War II era, denotes the traditional socially conservative values that were common in the early to mid 20th century.

At different stages, the film offers options on how Woody might respond to various situations: The film then shows three options, for each opportunity, ending with what it deems the most successful.

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At different stages in the film, it offers options on how Woody might respond to various situations: - What kind of girl should he date? - How should he say good night after the date is over?

After Allan Woodrow, AKA "Woody," receives a ticket to the carnival for "one couple," he realizes that he'll need to find a date: "One couple. The film takes us through the phases of dating, from picking the right gal, to best practices for calling her, to proper goodnight etiquette.

After running through a number of fraught scenarios, Woody learns the best way to get the girl -- and keep her.

I may someday write another that has more to do with it.

From Coronet Instructional Films, dating advice for teens ... Just me and a girl." But Woody's never asked a girl out.

Woody thought of Janice, and how good-looking she was.

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