Dating columbia records

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Also, many of the items are sold on e Bay (check here - and also on the international e Bid websites, priced in the currency of that site (UK, American, Canadian, European currency, etc.) - UK e Bid links are shown where applicable.

Apart from the two Directory volumes, all catalogues include month & date of issue in addition to full artist and title details, also in many catalogues the labels of origin if licensed from elsewhere (which usually means from USA labels); many catalogues feature a comprehensive label history and other detailed information of interest to the record collector or researcher. The definitive guide to this legendary label, includes label history, label changes & photos, and many more interesting facts.

They date the vast majority of releases; discs were occasionally released out of numerical sequence, but this was infrequent after 1904.

We have been selling jazz records in many years, most recently on the Internet since 1998.

New covers are added continuosly, along with comments (in Swedish).

COLUMBIA pioneered in many fields of the recording business. In 1939 the company employed Alex Steinweiss as art director. Columbia is the oldest surviving trademark in the record business, dating back to 1880s.

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The Globe Record Company, which initially manufactured the Climax label, may have used a block system, or even an entirely different matrix system, with the familiar matrix numbers we know being assigned later (see Columbia history section).

In the latest incident, Baggett punched a woman in the face on Feb. According to court records in Richmond and Columbia counties, Baggett has a violent criminal history dating back to 1997 when he punched a woman and broke her glasses.

Arrests in 2002, 20 for beating the same victim were consolidated and Baggett was sentenced to five years on probation.

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In order to complete the picture of the jazz recordings in a country or by a specific label, we have added some significant or rare albums from private collections that we have not been able to offer by Birka Jazz. The album cover series contains a variety of classic jazz covers, and also features such as Lars Gullin and Charlie Parker Special and Andy Warhol Special.