Dating and marriage in togo

07-Apr-2016 08:18

Usually, it happens when you realize that you haven't fully fulfilled yourself.You have a successful job, you develop your hobby, you travel a lot, but you feel that you lack one very important achievement - your own family.This comprehensive profile touches on a multitude of topics within each age group or life stage.You'll learn about the Togolese outlook on life and have more to talk about with your colleagues and friends.

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Humankind may follow a similar progression in the lifecycle, but cultural details differ.

Based on the results of the Unified Questionnaire on Basic Well-Being Indicators (Enquête du Questionnaire unifié des indicateurs de base de bien-être), conducted in 2011 by Togo's General Directorate of Statistics and National Accounts, 74 percent of men are literate, compared with 47.9 percent of women (Togo 7 Mar. The survey also shows that 4.3 percent of men and 9 percent of women are unemployed, and that 20.2 percent of men are underemployed, compared with 25.5 percent of women (ibid.). Resources for Victims of Forced Marriage The Wi LDAF representative confirmed that there are a few organizations in Togo, including her own, that deal with forced marriages and carry out activities to, among other things, make parents, traditional and religious chiefs, and the general population aware of the harmful consequences of forced and early marriage (12 Mar. In the interview with Ici Lomé, the President of FONDAVO stated that his organization works with widows, some of whom were victims of forced marriage (23 June 2012).

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