Dating agencies for sporty people

25-Jan-2017 23:14

And in order to do that, we need to keep innovating to ensure you're meeting people with the same sporty interests as you. In here, you'll find other singles who enjoy the same interests as you - we promise you that. Things could blossom into love, romance or somthing more..great friends and training partners.

So if you're single and love to play sports, get outdoors and keep fit, this is the dating site for you.

(Consider: Farmers Only is a thing.)Once you create a profile on the Sportsbuddy app, you pick the sport that you want to play and the “smart matching” technology will suggest potential partners for you to play with who are nearby and at your skill level.

You also specify the gender, age and geolocation radius you want to search in.

A Miami-based startup is building a Tinder for athletic people.

Sportsbuddy’s first tagline read, “Play me, don’t date me.” That overtly flirtatious tone is echoed in a video introducing how the app works.

When I started looking for a dating site to join I knew it had to offer dating for sporty people.

Right would be more than impressed with your natural blush, cute gym kit and fit body!

Physical activity is a huge part of my life, and it’s pretty reasonable that I would be interested in a partner for whom that is also true.

Lifestyle compatibility is important, which is why there are dating sites for every niche out there.

One of the most important things about finding your perfect match is at least one or two shared interests, and what better than a man who's also into fitness?

You'll have someone to practise your Downward Dog with, and you know he'll be in good shape under his date shirt.

When we set up our first dating site (, it soon became clear that we weren't being sensitive enough to people's lifestyles.