Dating a man with bad breath

05-Nov-2016 07:07

Simply saying, might make him reconsider the smell of his breath on his own.

The next time your guy eats something seriously stinky, like pasta with a ton of garlic, try “joking” around a little to get your point across.

Start carrying around a package of gum and/or mints religiously.

Pop a mint or piece of gum in your mouth every time you’re with him and always offer them up.

He’s so nice to me and makes me feel really special. I completely understand why you’re stressed about this. His bad breath should definitely not be the reason you guys end things.

I don’t want something this stupid to be the reason we break up, but how can I keep kissing someone with horrible breath? Okay, first of all, don’t feel guilty about asking this question.

But when you have an oral health issue, the bacterial load increases to the point where its easy for anyone in your vicinity to get a whiff of your pungent breath.I have told him about it and hes trying to figure out whats causing it but its making him insecure and its turning me off in the meantime. If it can't be dealt with, then it would be a dealbreaker for me. It's good that you've been able to discuss this with him. If there seems no logical reason he should make an appointment with a dentist who in turn may refer him to an internist if a dental check reveals no contributory cause.

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