D3 armory not updating

27-Jan-2016 21:53

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I am updating a D3 stacked bar graph in combination with Angular JS.

In this, all data is initially visible, and updates filter out undesired data.

Do you think they disabled the armory to save server load?

We disabled many of the Armory services over launch to help with server stability.

In the past it has worked without issue using this model: // Set ranges of values in axes x.domain(data.map(function(d) )); y.domain([ min , max]); // Y Axis is updated to the correct time range chart.append('g').attr('class', 'y axis').call(y Axis).select All('text').style('font-family','Open Sans').style('font-size', '.9rem'); // data join / Select Athlete var athlete = chart.select All(".athlete").data(data), athdata = athlete.enter(), console.log(data) // data is correct here // add container for each athlete athplace = athdata.append("g") .attr("class", "athlete") .attr("transform", function(d) ) .text(function(d) ), // ENTER time athplace.append('rect') .attr('class', "time") .attr("width", x.range Band()) .attr("y", function(d) ) .attr("height", 0).transition().duration(300) .attr("height", function(d) ); ...

enter splits & labels // exit splits & athlete splitlabels.exit().transition().duration(300).attr('opacity', 0).remove(); splits.exit().transition().duration(300).attr('height', 0).attr('opacity', 0).remove(); athlete.exit().transition().duration(300).attr('width',0).attr('opacity', 0).remove(); console.log(athlete) // data is still correct // UPDATE time, this chain has the problem with data not being updated.

Even my paragon level is unchanged since before Tuesday's maintenance. I logged into the Armory this morning and it has all of my old gear, nothing from last nights session is there at all.

crusader and arms rerolled from int to strength - the armory still shows int.Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.I recently did a total transmog update, and spec change.Here is a JSFiddle that illustrates the same error as in my script.

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All of the code was extracted directly from the script exhibiting the issue.

Because Blizzard is full of very incompetent people.

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