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The Zonation software can be run with relatively large datasets on an ordinary desktop PC.What step in framework The main function of Zonation is analysis of biodiversity distribution and conservation value - economical considerations can only be included via simple land cost layers.The Wiki concept efficiently allows extended access and edit rights to e.g.

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Thus, output of Zonation should primarily be seen as one analysis that feeds into a broader land use planning framework where political decisions are made that balance between different land use needs, benefits and costs.

Large-scale grids describing distributions of biodiversity features presence/absence -data probabilities of occurrence abundance/density -data Land cost Present or proposed conservation areas Point observation data (New in v. 2.0) Typically one would enter one grid per species (feature).

All content has since then been transferred to the present Wiki website.

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The aim of the Wiki website is to serve as a communication medium for upcoming JONSMOD conferences or workshops, and as a repository of JONSMOD related data sets such as programmes, presentations, photographs etc. In particular, the JONSMOD site will serve as medium for registration, submission of abstracts and further communication on JONSMOD conferences.Zonation is a framework for large-scale conservation planning..