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I am currently doing my family tree and family history etc, my great-grandmother’s family, the Patersons…and her mothers family the Mc Kays…they are both early Mudgee families of Scottish ancestry. Mother (Jane Eaton, nee Paterson) came from Mudgee and I believe there are still dependants on her side still there.

After reading through your wonderful “Mudgee History” website tonight, I thought the above attachments may be of interest to your organisation .... I just realised I had forgotten to write I knew of Mother and family whose name was Paterson and her grandfather William Paterson was the first Trooper (as the Police were called in those days) to go West of the Blue Mountains to keep the peace at the outbreak of the Gold Find at Hargraves on the *Lusou (*Sandy probably meant Louisa, as the town of Hargraves was built around Louisa Creek).

There were a great number of Chinese working the Diggings and one entering the Butcher’s Shop on closing time stabbed the Butcher when he turned around to get his order and killed him, the only witness was his young son of tender years.

On entering the shop, the Chinaman, as was the practice, several times called out “Beef Oh!

If you have information that can help the people below, please contact the editor with your answer, which will be passed on to the enquirer. Please quote the heading plus the enquirer's first name.Weixin was an instant hit; just over 400 days after its launch it already had 100 million users.In January 2013, the number of users had reached 300 million.Alternative Android app stores like 360 (360手机助手), My App by Tencent (腾讯应用宝), Baidu app store (百度手机助手), the Xiaomi phone store (小米应用商店) or Wandoujia (豌豆荚) are amongst the most popular ones.

Some of these, like 360 or Baidu, are more than just an app store; they are tools to manage your phone by clearing the cache, deleting apps, saving on battery life, etc.

Apart from the , Baidu browser and Baidu maps are convenient for anyone visiting or living in China, since Chrome or Google Maps will not work through normal Mainland Internet connections.