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21-Jan-2016 09:33

An outdated flash will block you to use flash based chat sites like Chatrandom. If your browser doesn’t update the flash automatically, then you will need to check your flash version manually from the official website of Adobe Flash.

If it’s outdated, the website will give you instructions about how to update it.

When a website has been closed by court judgement, you will need to use some programs to unblock it. If you are not updating your browser properly the flash will be also outdated.Secondly, we promise to never ban our users unless they are underage or doing something illegal.So you should expect to have as much fun as you want without ever dealing with annoying bans like on Omegle that their users are always complaining about.Chatrandom is getting a mind blowing 350,000 visitors a day and over 8,000,000 users a month.

The site is only for those over 18 , as there is a very popular adult section of the site titled “Chat with only girls”.We have moderators online 24/7 that quickly shut down users that are misbehaving or trying to expose themselves on cam.