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12-Jan-2017 13:56

They did, however, have a couple of children together — a daughter, now 13, and a son, now 10.

Word on the street is Johnny’s 2009 “Rum Diaries” co-star AMBER HEARD is the reason for the split. It was reported that Heard — who is openly bisexual …

Insiders say Kris was trying to hide his relationship with Myla because he’s worried it would have an impact on the divorce case.

Myla’s lawyer says she will comply with the subpoena. KHLOE KARDASHIAN defended her sister Kim’s estranged husband when a TMZ photographer asked her how she felt about this Myla chick allegedly extorting Kris in return for her silence. Kris is a good guy.” CELEBRITIES IN TROUBLE – ALEC BALDWIN IN SMACKDOWN WITH PHOTOG: ALEC BALDWIN got into an altercation with a New York Daily News photographer yesterday, and could be facing assault charges soon.

” Ok, so that one may still be up for interpretation, but as for diehard Swifties eagerly waiting for the day Taylor makes her grand return to the spotlight, it seems as though they’ll just have to wait until the next album release…

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To many Swifties, Taylor Swift’s yearly Fourth of July beach bash is a tradition as familiar as a nighttime firework show, but this year, there was no sign of Taylor and her squad members at her Rhode Island mansion extravaganza. BUT what many did notice was the fact that the giant inflatable water slide featured on Taylor’s Instagram last year, WAS still standing in her backyard, but the only people spotted on Tay’s property were her parents, Scott and Andrea Swift.According to TMZ, Kim’s lawyer wants to know if Kris said anything about his 72-day marriage which might relate to his claim that Kim defrauded him.