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15-Jan-2016 18:11

But also, maybe if we all just checked the tags in our shirts, we’d realize we were all made in the same Place.

Different shades of the same fabric, a rainbow of material woven by the same Person.

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[img= border="0" alt="" onload="Ncode Image Resizer.create On(this);" /Any people who have lived in Lansing or who have spent time there care to chime in, are interracial black white couples an epidemic there, and why do you think that may be the case, I assume it is mostly the stereotypical black man white women situation as in the case of my parents.

And while this might come as a shock to most of the children’s Bible illustrators out there, So why don’t our books reflect that? Why don’t the faces gathered around our tables, both online and in real life, look more like the table we’re anticipating at the wedding feast of the Lamb?

In South Africa, cashiers at the grocery store would recognize the surname on my debit card as a Tswana name, and their perplexed eyes would move from the card to my face and back again before they’d venture to ask, “Is this your card? ” “Yes, it’s my card, and that’s my surname,” I’d reply, and they’d furrow their brow and ask, “?

I often don’t realize the color of my own kids’ skin until we’re at the beach and I’m nearly blinded by the paleness of other children running around in their diapers, and I think, “Wow, those kids are really white.” Other times, I see it.

Like now, when we’re living in a predominantly white suburb of West Michigan, and a black person rides past on a bicycle, and I think, “Oh look! My kids often get invited to play dates with adopted children, so the mocha kids in otherwise all-pale families will see faces that look more like their own.

Unsurprisingly, the "facts" presented here are dubious at best, and incorrect or violently stripped of context to feed long-running fears of black men pursuing romantic relationships with white women, at worst.