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Bangladesh straddles the Bay of Bengal in south Asia.To the west and north it is bounded by India; to the southeast, it borders Myanmar. The said plaintiff died pending the suit and his legal representatives- plaintiff Nos. After obtaining the land on lease, he obtained sanctioned-lay out from the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad under its letter No. The first defendant the Collector District Hyderabad started disputing the title of the plaintiff in the year 1953 and issued orders to the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad to cancel the sanctioned-plan. As already stated she transposed herself as plaintiff No. The alleged compromise between Jagirdars and Hissedars of Mallepally was not binding on the Government. As Zohra Begum had no title to the suit land, the alleged perpetual lease in favour of the original plaintiff does not confer any right or title in his favour. The original plaintiff obtained sanctioned-plan by playing fraud and misrepresentation by presenting a collusive and fradulent decree in O. The then Collector, District Hyderabad declared that Ahmed Ali Mirza was entitled for patta of the lands as well as other share holders on 28th Shehrewar, 1344-F. In accordance with the said compromise the parties applied for issue of pattas. 162 was sanctioned in the name of Zohra Begum and a notice from the Secretariat, Sarfekhas Mubarak, Court of Wards dated 2-10-1350 F states that pursuant to the terms of compromise deed, the patta of the land in Survey No. 27 of 1962 was filed by one Syed Afzal Hussain Abidi for declaration of his title to the suit land admeasuring Ac. 162 of Mallepally village, Hyderabad, and for recovery of possession, or in the alternative, for compensation and mesne profits. 162 having been declared as such under a consent decree in Case No. between herself and Yousuf Ali Mirza and others on 15-1-1951, and he obtained the said land from her under a perpetual registered lease deed dated 8-9-1952. The third defendant purchased a portion of the suit property under a registered sale deed dated 6-4-1957 from the original plaintiff, and therefore, she was added as a party. The first defendant in his written statement while denying the material allegations contained in the plaint stated that Zohra Begum had no title and she was never granted any patta for the suit land. The request of Zohra Begum to include her name in the revenue records was rejected by the Collector after due enquiry as she was never in possession. 2 also more or less filed the written statement supporting the averments of the first defendant. The lay out was submitted by the plaintiff when the suit land was in possession of the first defendant without notice to it. Accordingly succession was granted in the name of Ahmed Ali Mirza with the Shikmi of Zohra Begum and 5 others through Muntakhab No. The said grant was confirmed and finally affirmed by a Firman of H. Again in the year 1343-Fasli a dispute arose between the share holders and Ahmed Ali Mirza regarding possession of the land.

The capital city, Dhaka, is near the point where those river systems meet. In the north and the southeast the land is more hilly and dry, and tea is grown.

Premium Member services are free for one month and pay only if you like it. Maqbool Ali Mirza became the estate holder being the eldest son. Of course, one Subba Rao, Superintending Engineer, City Improvement Board, filed Ex. This letter is dated 21-3-1951 which was marked as Ex. Mohtamin (Director) Settlement forwarded the report for fixing Nuzool for the village Mallepalli Jagir to the Minister under date 15th Ardhibahisht 56 Fasli. As against these documents, the defendants also filed number of documents. B-2 is a letter dated 11-8-1951 from the Secretary to Government to the Collector stating that as per decision of the Council of Ministers the whole land should be handed over to the City Improvement Board. is a letter from Divisional Engineer I, City Improvement Board, Hyderabad to the Collector, Atraf Balda, Sarfekhas Mubarak informing that compensation of Rs.

Thereafter the lands were handed over to the Collector of Hyderabad, who in turn handed over the suit land to defendant No. 12/- per acre from 12th Aban 1347-F for temporary use. a letter was issued from Mouzziz Committee to the Secretary, Sarfekhas Mubarak stating that 1 /4th of revenue be collected and the Government's supervision be withdrawn and Zohra Begum and others be given their shares as per the compromise. A-35 dated 31st Shehrewar, 1347 F, Zohra Begum sent an application to the Minister Nawab Sedrul Moham Bahadur complaining about trampling of horses at the time of parade on the suit land and the loss of tobacco crop. 12/- per acre in the presence and consent of pattedars and hissedars Jagir Mallepalli, Zohra Begum and her sister's son-in-law Mr. the Court of Wards has ordered not to pay the kaul amount to Zohra Begum till a decision is taken by the Court. These two receipts are issued to Syed Afzal Hussain Abedi towards the perpetual lease amount.

The topography is predominantly a low-lying floodplain.

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About half the total area is actively deltaic and is prone to flooding in the monsoon season from May through September.Once you have logged in to your account, go to Account Settings and edit your password.