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Now, we seem to get confirmation that they were dating... On March 15, Aylin tweeted, “I would like to sadly, regrettably and formally announce that Charlie and I are no longer together. ”Charlie hasn’t made any official announcement, but when a fan tweeted, “this made me so sad.I hope y'all reconnect or at least stay friends” Charlie retweeted the comment, saying, “thank you.”Oh, Charlin... ) we don’t even know if the Internet chose an official mashup name for you, and now your relationship is over.Text conversation from a certain flirty latina causes lindsay to realise that getting together with her dream girl may be possible; although she's currently dating damian, who she only really sees as a friend.Chose not to use archive warningsaylin bayramoglu/charlie lubeckcharlie lubeck dani shay aylin bayramoglu michael weisman blake jenner ali stroker lily mae-harrington shanna henderson abraham lim nellie veitenheimer mario bonds tyler ford tayrn douglas maxfield camp.NYU has a great performance program, and we'd be at the same school. She wasn't ready to get her heart broke, and guys like Mike, well, she knew it was practically impossible that he wouldn't have a ton of girls trying to date him.“Come on Mike,” she said, trying not to cry, “What are the odds of you staying with me when you're dancing with a bunch of beautiful ballerinas? God, Tina, you are beautiful and smart and,”“Only interested in you.”“So why are you trying to break up with me?”“And what are the odds of Artie not trying to get with you the second that I leave? ”“I'm not, I'm just saying the odds aren't in our favor, so we shouldn't try to plan,”“Our future?

Charlie was clearly into Aylin — and the bubbly, energetic flirt seemed to like him, too — but the two never labeled themselves as in a relationship.

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