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O’Neal recalled several scenes in the movie where he had the opportunity to kiss the Mac Graw.He talked about how he believed she was his first real love, even though the two never dated.But both have faced their share of life’s travails over the past 45 years. O’Neal’s marriages to actresses Joanna Moore and Leigh Taylor-Young ended in divorce and his long relationship with the late Farrah Fawcett, which lasted until her death in 2009, was known to be turbulent.His relationship with his children Patrick (by Joanna Moore), Griffi n and Tatum (by Leigh Taylor-Young) and Redmond (by Farrah Fawcett) has been troubled and involved long periods of estrangement. Our launch is here in Beverly Hills and then we hit the road. Some people continue to work, while others find it difficult to find the right parts. It's a luxury but it's very, very different from what the media thinks women should be like aging on the screen here. So much has been written about the chemistry between the two of you. I'm not really working, so I'm not beating that drum, but I do go to the movies all the time and marvel at a part written for someone in their 60s played by a 38-year-old. I live in a city that has six alternative movie theaters so I see every documentary and every foreign film. It was the romantic and tragic story of a young couple whose love for one another was sadly cut short.

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The actor had himself battled leukemia in the early 2000s.The movie made more than 6 million in the United States and marked the only time Mac Graw and O'Neal acted together onscreen.'s plotline may hit close to home for O'Neal, who has suffered health problems and personal tragedies over the years.Most of what we are going to be doing starts early next year. But we're often asked as a couple for something around — the Oscar for dear Arthur Hiller and other stuff. It's a lifetime from second grade to the early 70s and nobody with any sensitivity can help but relive their life and choices when they said yes and choices when they said no. We have a wonderful director — Greg Mosher, is a big, big, big Broadway director and it's an honor to be directed by him.

I read that you have stayed in touch with calls or emails over the years, but what has the reintroduction been like? So we have seen each other, but not as much as we're going to see each other this year.

As they posed with their arms round one another it was clear that the years have taken their toll.